Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Puns I've made recently

Pun 1:

Mom: How many bottles of Syrah do we have in the box?
Me: I see two. But now we need a Que.
Mom: A what?
Me: A Que?
Mom: Why??
Me: So we can have a Que Syrah Syrah.

Pun 2:

Friend: This is the ring my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. It's a bottle opener.
Me: Is it a DeBeers?

Pun 3:

Friend: If I eat cow brains will I suck their intelligence into myself?
Me: Then you'd have a Moo opinion. But that's a Moo point.

Pun 4:

Friend: Here's a new name for our company - Political Sex Horse!
Me: I vote Neigh.

1 comment:

A said...

The moo one is my favorite because I'm doing Moot Court and my sister called it Moo Court last week.

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